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I needed to train in VB.net and so I wrote a simple program, it is called AERO

You can download  AERO here using this link

It is an Aeronautical Calculator, calculating Pressure, Temperature mass flows and Thrusts etc.

It is still in beta form, so their may be a couple of bugs.

It aimed at CFD user who needs quick access to some simple values , i.e. pressure and temperature at altitude.

You can contact me using nick at the domain.


Latest Version is 0.95.2 (17/1/14)

1. Bug fixes

2. Implementation of installer


Version 0.95.1(26/2/2013)

1. Bug fixes


Version 0.95

1. Removal of a direct excel exporter and replace with an XML exporter

2. Drop down boxes of commonly used values

3. Mass flow selection

4. Various bug fixes